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How to get rid of white spots on your nails?

White spots on your nails are called “leukonychia” in medical language. They appear on your nails due to many reasons like fungal infections, trauma to nails, nutritional deficiencies like inadequate levels of zinc and calcium or skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. White spots also appear due to liver or kidney disease but this happens in very rare cases.

If you have noticed white spots on your nails then don’t get worried they are normal but you must follow some steps to get rid of them.

How to get rid of white spots

1)The easiest way to get rid of white spots is to let your nails grow out. When the white spot grows out the end of your finger or we can say where the actual growth and the nails bed separate then you just have to cut them off. If the white spot is in the center of your nail then it can be the result of trauma occurred to the nail few months back after few months this spot will grow out of the finger and then clip it off. No antibiotics and ointments are required for them.

2)Sometimes white spots are due to the nutritional deficiencies. So to get rid of white spots eat healthy and nutritious diet including fruits, minerals like zinc and proteins as proteins make your nails strong. Include cheese and milk to your diet as they are rich in calcium. You can also have multivitamins.

3)Sometimes your nails get totally white because of a disease known as cirrhosis cause due to excessive intake of alcohol. So avoid alcohol to avoid getting your nails white.

4)Try to wear gloves while washing, cleaning, and gardening, touching dirty things, cleaning bathrooms or doing household work. They can also occur while closing hard sliding doors, lifting heavy things etc. Try to keep your nails away from dirt and dust because germs can enter you body through nails and can cause fungal yeast and bacterial infection which further leads to white spots on your nails.

5)Never try to open soda can or staples from the paper with the help of your nails.

6)Be gentle while manicuring because extra pressure around the cuticle area or pushing them back hardly can cause trauma to nail bed and can cause white spots to appear on the nails.

7)Sometimes nail products like nail paints, nail hardeners and artificial nails can have allergic reactions and can cause white spots. So always use good quality nail beauty products.

8)Moisturize and massage your nails regularly with hand lotion after every hand wash so that you can avoid having white spots on your nails.

9)You can hide white spots by coloring your nails with good quality nail polish. Neutral nail paint can also hide these spots. After months when your nails grow out, just cut off that white spot.

10)Do not try to remove white spots by buffing your nails or with nail discoloration treatment because it can harm your nails. Always remove the spots by clipping them when they grow out of your finger.

Don’t worry about half moon shaped spots they are normal but if the white spots are appearing repeatedly or you suddenly notice many white spots on your nails then you must consult a dermatologist because it can be due kidney or liver disease but this happens very rarely.

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