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How to get rid of flies?

Flies in the house always irritate and disturb you when they buzz around, particularly if they are in large number. Moreover some of them can transmit disease causing microbes that can be harmful to our health and can cause diseases like cholera, tuberculosis, food poisoning, dysentery etc. so here are some of the ways by which you can get rid of flies and prevent them entering your house.

The best way to stay away from flies is to fly-proof your home. Flies generally enter from the doors and windows. You can protect windows by adding screens to them so that no gap is left for the flies to enter and always replace the torn window screens. Doors can be protected by using screen door but the easy way is to keep the door shut and open only when required.
Beaded curtains are also helpful in keeping the flies away. The more the beads are close to each other the less is the gap between them for the flies to enter.
You can apply the caulk to cracks and holes so that the entry of gnats and noseems (some of the smallest flies) can be prevented.

Many different types of fly repellants are available. Some of them are helpful against all kinds of flies and some are special for the particular kind of flies.

1) zip lock bags
Take a small and clear zip lock bag and fill it with normal water. Use a string to suspend the bag from a window sill or rafters. The bag should not be too close to the wall or we can say that there should be space around the bag. This is very helpful in avoiding flies.

2) personal insect repellents
Repellants that have DEET (diethyl-m-toluamide) are very helpful in repelling all kinds of flies and insects. Avoid using them on your skin instead use these sprays and rubs on your clothing. Never try these repellants on your pets because they can be very harmful to them.

3) citronella candles and torches
Citronella oil is used in insect repelling torches and candles. Also in some soaps and perfume using these products can keep away the mosquitoes and flies. This oil is obtained from citronella grass.

4) UV bug lights
These have the ultraviolet light that attracts the insects and they are finally destroyed by a high voltage current. They are very useful to get rid of flies but the only disadvantage is that it also kills the beneficial insects.

5) fly traps
Try to place traps at a place where it can get the brightest light directly. Flies always get attracted towards the bright light and will get stuck in the trap. While buying a fly trap certain things should be kept in mind, first is it must have water reservoir so that the trap can be kept moist and will cut down on maintenance. Another one is that the trap can be opened easily because it requires cleaning after sometime.

6) fly paper
Fly paper is another way to catch flies. It gives best results when used in direct sunlight. The glue on fly paper is difficult to remove or we can say impossible to remove if sticks to clothing or hard surface. So be careful while placing and removing the paper.

7) fly strips
This is the effective way to fight against fruit flies and house flies but fly strips are not helpful in removing the dog flies, black flies and most of the gnats because they feed on blood.

Plenty of insecticides are available in the market and most common of them is pyrethrin. It is a temporary relief from gnats, dog flies, white flies and black flies. Moreover chemicals released by them can be harmful to your health. So it is not the best way to remove flies.

Another ways of removing flies is to eliminate the source of fly infestation. You can get rid of flies by destroying the breeding and feeding grounds.

Organic waste should be drained or wrapped in a newspaper before throwing it to trash because the paper will help to suck moisture from the waste. It will become dry and the flies cannot breed in dry waste. Sometimes flies breed in the drains and a drain cleaner can remove the organic film on which the flies were breeding.

Animals waste should also be buried or flushed down the toilet as early as possible.

Your trash must have a tight fitting lid and dumpster should have hinged lids so that no fly can come near it.

Decaying flesh
Dead and decaying flesh of animals can easily attract the flies. If you find any dead bird, rat or any other animal just bury it not less than three feet deep.

Some flies feed on the blood of other creatures. So to remove these types of flies you have to remove those creatures but it is somewhat difficult process. The best method to get rid of these types of flies is to use screens or nettings.

1) Clean dog’s bowl after he has finished eating. If some food is left in the bowl then also pick the bowl and keep it in the fly-free area. Clean the bits of food scattered by the dog around its bowl while eating.
2) Properly wrap the garbage and then put it in the covered can outside. Make sure that the garbage is tightly sealed.
3) Some people believe that basil plants are very useful to repel flies.
4) Diseases can be spread by the flies when they land on food. So always keep your food covered. Clean the food liquid spillage after having your meal and other messes.
5) Minimize the standing water in flower pots, tires and other containers so that mosquitoes cannot breed on it.
6) Trim your lawn whenever required to get rid of biting flies.

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