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How to convert analog to digital?

Conversion of analog video into the digital set-up happens to be a simple process consisting of two steps. The doer, at the beginning, remains in need of recording own video into the very digital tape. After that, there is the growing need to put aside the info from digital tape into the computer due to the job of editing. For this process, the multimedia computer (PC41) of computer lab must be used instead of Macintosh. PC41 is linked to a videocassette recorder or VCR with no trouble and digital video cassette recorder or DVCR.

Digital Video

Digital video, without doubt, happens to be a new technology, and it can be both applied and manipulated easier compared to the old analog signal. Formerly, video was recorded on tape; these days with digital video it can be recorded on tape, DVD or to the hard drive of a computer in a straight line. Digital video can both be dealt with and also edited without problems. Special effects can be added with digital editing quite straightforwardly.

Digital video, in addition, can be edited on a personal computer having precise hardware and software. Again despite software, digital video is by and large edited and does require a bit of disk space in order to store everything. What is more, these days, digital video is used in up-to-the-minute mobile phones along with in video conferencing systems. There is hardly any doubt that quality of the digital video is better-quality compared with the analog counterpart.

Process of Conversion

Videocassette into Digital Video Cassette

The doer must be sure that the VCR remains operational. The next process is to put in the videotape into VCR, check it’s at the starting point. The FireWire cord is to be unplugged from digital video cassette recorder or DVCR. That the cord (or the center of photo) linking the VCR to the DVCR is connected with Audio or Video Input in the DVCR must be made sure. A vacant video cassette (of digital format) is to be placed in the DVCR and whether it’s rewinded to the beginning ought to be ensured. There is the presence of a white flap in support of the tape stating REC along with SAVE. The doer has to push the flap towards the right for the sake of Record.

The next job is to hit both the Record buttons in DVCR. This is to be followed by means of hitting Play button in VCR. The videotape will be recorded in DVC tape at once. When on earth recording gets finished, stop the VCR along with that of DVCR has to be pressed.

Digital Video Cassette to Computer for Editing

The Audio/Video Input’s cord in the DVCR is to be unplugged. FireWire cord is to be inserted in the DV port stationed in DVCR

Next duty on the computer is to go to Start > Programs > Video Editing Tools > Adobe Premiere 6.5. (This may take a few moments to open.) Pinnacle Pro-ONE > Pinnacle DV PAL is to be selected followed by clicking of OK.

The next job of the doer is to go to File > Capture > Movie Capture atop of the screen. Again in the Movie Capture box, under Settings / Capture Settings, Edit has to be clicked on.

Again in Project Settings box, Capture is to be selected. After that, at the side of Capture Format, DV/IEEE 1394 Capture is to be selected. OK must be clicked.

Now it’s the time to hit Record button and DVC will be transferred to computer straight away. When the end point is reached, the Escape button in the computer must be pressed to bring the transfer to a halt. The remaining job is to name the folder and keep it.

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