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How to change a bicycle tire?

Changing a bi-cycle tire is a very common part of bi-cycle riding, but in most of the cases, people run to the repairing shop to change the tire. The changing work is not a very difficult task, at first one need to buy a fresh tire to change the old one. After that the person needs to remove the old tire from the wheel frame and then he/she needs to fit the new one into it. By changing the tire one can save the money he/she supposed to pay to the repairing shop.

Things required

The replacing procedure of tire needs some materials such as a new /replaced tire, a tire pump, an adjustable wrench and a set of three tire irons.

The first stage

At the beginning of the work one needs to remove the olden or wore out tire. At first one need to remove the wheel from the cycle. Almost all the cycles of new age have a quick-release lever on every axle one can just flip one of the levers to release the wheel. The moment the wheel becomes loose it can be easily pulled free from the cycle. The cycles which don’t have these sorts of levers they must have two axle nuts holding the wheels in place. The adjustable wrench can be used to loosen these nuts to free the wheel. Once the wheel comes out of the axle the tire needs to be flattened.

The one end of a tire tools needs to be slide between the tire and the rim. This work needs some concern as the tube should not be pinched. Next, one needs to force open the tire away from the rim by locking the tire device into the spoke. Another tools need to be placed between the tire and the rim. Tolls sometimes get stuck in that situation one needs to lock the free end into the spokes and should start working with the third tire tools. The last stage is to remove the inner tube very carefully from the rim.

The fitting of new tire

At first, one should take a new tire and slip one border of it all the way around the rim. This is a very easy procedure, and mostly it doesn’t need any instrument but if some one wants he/she can use the tire tools. Now it is time to place the inner tube inside the new tire. The inner tube valve should be lined up carefully with the valve hole in the rim. Next the tube must be pushed as far as possible into the tire. After that the second edge of the tire needs to be pushed into the rim. The tube needs to be pushed continuously in this process.

Next, any of the tire tools need to be placed between the rim and the portion of tire yet to be installed. After that one should slowly force the tool upward and push the tire over the rim edge. One can use some other tools if require to push the tube into the place. Then the tire needs to be roll gently over the rim edge. All these procedures should be done very slowly and gently to avoid cracking of the tire or pinching the tube.

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