Who invented Global Positioning System?

The global positioning system better known as the GPS was invented by Roger L Easton. GPS is used to provide reliable information on time and location at all times. The invention of the GPS has created a great revolution in the way we live. Roger Easton was awarded the National Medal for Technology in 2004 […]

Who invented flash drive?

The flash drive is said to have been invented by Trek Technologies and IBM in the year 2000. Flash drives were invented to replace the floppy disks. It was also called as the Thumb Drive as it is a very small sized portable device. The USB Flash drive does the function of a CD-ROM or […]

Who invented the Digital camera?

The digital camera has changed the world of photography and was invented by an electrical engineer Steven J. Sasson in 1975. The invented device weighed 8 pounds and was of the size of a toaster that was available in those times. The camera produced black and white pictures with a resolution of 0.01 megapixels. 23 […]

Who invented the diesel engine?

The diesel engine was developed by a refrigerator engineer Dr. Rudolf Diesel in the year 1897. The diesel engine is in fact a compression ignition engine where a piston compresses the mixture of air and oil thus increasing the temperature to such an extent that the oil starts igniting and a mechanism is used where […]

Who invented Elevator?

The history of the elevator can be traced back to the times of Archimedes and since then several primitive forms of elevators have been used over the years. However an elevator similar to the modern elevators used today was invented by Elisha Graves Otis, in 1852 and was demonstrated in 1854 at the Crystal Palace […]

What are 3G Phones?

Communication is one of the important aspects of human life and therefore, we would always enjoy sharing our thoughts, ideas and our viewpoints with the people around us. Telephones have always provided us the comfort to talk from far away places, but it was with the advent of the cell phones that people began to […]

What are 3D motion effects?

3D films are getting more popular today because people want to experience something that is very real and top Hollywood directors today want to give their audience something that would look very close to real. Hence, 3D movies and films are becoming a global phenomenon these days. The idea of 3D is providing the depth […]

Who invented Gasoline Tractor?

A vehicle used for various purposes such as hauling machinery or a trailer or used in construction or agricultural purposes to perform a number of functions is known as a tractor. John Froelich of Clayton County, Iowa, America invented the first gasoline powered tractor. After finishing his college he decided to develop a tractor powered […]

Who invented the Gas Mask?

The gas mask is a device, when used protects the user from breathing in toxic gases and pollutants. The gas mask was invented by Garrett A. Morgan and patented in 1914, though there were others who had worked on these masks before this invention. Garrett’s gas mask was very much similar to the modern day […]

Who invented Holograms?

The concept of Holography was invented by a Hungarian-British scientist and engineer Dennis Gabor in 1947. He was awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics for this work in 1971. Born in Budapest in a Jewish family his name by birth was Gunszberg Denes. After working in the Hungarian army during World War I, he studied […]

Who invented electric Water Heater?

Edwin Ruud, a Norwegian mechanical engineer invented the electric water heater in 1889 that has now become an indispensible part of every household and certain commercial organizations and industries. He founded the Ruud Manufacturing Company where these devices were manufactured and sold. Ruud’s design had a large tank for storing hot water and a heat […]

Who invented Electric Guitar?

The first successful guitar that was electrically amplified was developed by George Delmetia Beauchamp in the year 1931 along with Paul Barth and Adolph Rickenbacker. Beauchamp had also invented other musical instruments and was one of the founders of National Stringed Instrument Corporation and Rickenbacker guitars. Born in Texas, in his earlier years he played […]

Who invented Earphones?

Earphones are an evolved form of headphones that was first invented by Nathaniel Baldwin in his kitchen and was supplied to the US Navy. Nathaniel Baldwin was born on December 1, 1878 in Millard County, Utah. Even when he was a child, he had a technical bend of mind and he went on to pursue […]

Who invented the DVD?

Who invented the DVD? DVD also known as Digital Video Disk was invented in 1995 and the invention is a group effort of companies the following companies namely; Sony, Philips, Toshiba and Time Warner. Many other company representatives have also contributed in different working groups to this invention. DVD is the successor of CD (Compact […]

Who invented Doppler radar?

Christian Andreas Doppler an Austrian physicist and mathematician had proposed the Doppler Effect in 1842. The Doppler Effect is a vital part of the Doppler radar system and thus the system was named after him. Doppler was born in Salzburg in Austria and studied mathematics and astronomy in Salzburg and Vienna at the age of […]

Who invented the dishwasher?

The concept of a dishwasher was first brought to light by Joel Houghton way back in 1850. This was a machine made of wood which had a wheel that had to be turned manually. This machine had no market except from the big hotels and restaurants. Josephine Cochrane then invented a device in 1886 that […]

Who invented the Hovercraft?

A hovercraft (air-cushion vehicle, ACV) is a vehicle capable of traversing over surfaces, and is supported by a high-pressure, slow moving air cushion, which gets ejected against the surface lying below. Though the principles behind hovercrafts and hovering were first mentioned by Emanuel Swedenborg in 1716, Sir Christopher Cockerell, an English electronic engineer was given […]

Who invented hair dryer?

A hairdryer or blow dryer is an electromechanical gadget that blows hot or cool air over damp or wet hair to aid in quick drying of wet hair. Alexandre Godefoy of France invented the electric hair dryer in 1890. Before the hairdryer was invented men and women used the vacuum cleaner to dry their hair. […]

Who invented the Fax Machine?

The term fax machine is the short form for facsimile machine. This device can send copies of documents over a telephone line. The first facsimile machine was invented by Alexander Bain, a Scottish inventor in 1846. He was born in Watten in Scotland and has invented many devices that can make practical use of electricity. […]

Who invented the Hubble Space Telescope?

The Hubble Space Telescope was developed by the United States Space Agency, NASA with valuable contributions from The European Space Agency. Though the funding was obtained in 1970, it was first launched only in 1990 because of the number of problems and delays that included financing. The space telescope takes its name from Edwin Hubble, […]

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