How does insulin work?

Insulin is a sort of hormone which secreted from the pancreatic cells. Two types of cells can be found in the pancreas. These are the alpha cells and the beta cells. The beta cells are responsible for secretion of insulin. High glucose levels in the blood excite the pancreas beta cells to raise insulin discharge […]

How do we digest food?

The role of food in the development of a human being is extremely crucial as it provides the energy resource for the body. The process of digestion begins when food is consumed by our body through our mouth. The digestive system is made of the digestive tract and various organs that are joined in a […]

How do the lungs work?

Lungs are a major organ of the respiratory system in our body. They are an extremely important part of the respiratory system. They help us to inhale oxygen and ensure that the cells and organs in our body have an adequate amount of oxygen, while taking out carbon dioxide from our bodies. Humans will inhale […]

How do we speak?

Speech distinguishes humans from other apes. The physical aspect of speech pertains to the vocal chords, the larynx, the positioning of the tongue and the lips. Each of these plays a vital role in helping humans to speak. Of course, the brain coordinates the movement for speech functions as well as other functions. The vocal […]

How do we breathe?

Lungs are the part of the respiratory system that allows us to breathe. We take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. We will breathe in and out almost 20,000 times in a day. This is an involuntary reaction, and even if we try to stop our breathing, we can’t possibly do so. The air that […]

How do the kidneys work?

There are two kidneys in the human body that perform many vital functions in the body. They are bean-shaped organs that help in removing the waste materials from the body. Every day, our kidneys process 200 quarts of blood to release just 2 quarts of waste, water and other harmful toxins from our body. Why […]

How do we detect sound?

Human beings can detect sound by the using their ears. The ears are divided into three parts, and the human brain is also essential in helping us understand the multitude of sounds and help us to differentiate between the sounds. Human ear Human ear, in general comprises of three parts. These include outer ear, middle […]

How do muscles function?

Not only, the brain but muscles also play a great role in the movement of the human body. The brain sends the signals to the muscles in the body through the complex nervous system. This helps in controlling the various muscle groups in our body. Three key muscles groups exist in our body. They are […]

How do eyes see?

The eyes interact with our visual surrounding with the help of the brain. The main purpose of the eye is to send images to the brain which then interprets them. The other body parts are instructed by the brain to perform accordingly after the visual is assimilated by the brain. This is how we see […]

How are twins born?

When two offsprings are produced in a single pregnancy, each of them is called a twin. There are two types of twins, monozygotic or identical twins and dizygotic or fraternal twins. The development of twins depends on the fertilization process. Mono zygotic twins or ‘identical twins’ Identical twins develop in a two-step process. The first […]

What causes hangovers?

Headache, fatigue, shakes; nausea, all the symptoms at the same time is a hangover. The main cause of the hangover is having alcoholic beverages. These beverages contain ethanol. Liver enzymes help the liver to break ethanol, but too much of alcohol does not allow the liver enzymes to properly process ethanol, which further does not […]

How height can be increased?

Most of the small stature people are unhappy with their height. Sometimes they feel depressed, embarrassed and not confident about themselves. They always think that good height is very helpful for getting the jobs, promotion, going into the field of modeling and general impression on others. So they try to get taller by one or […]

How to get rid of yellow teeth?

Many people have stained or yellow teeth and they want to get dazzling white smile like others but for this you have to work. Person having yellow teeth is always connected with bad breath and poor cleanliness. So we can say that bright white smile is very important for your good appearance and impression. First […]

How to get rid of body odor?

Large numbers of people are effected by the problem of body odor. You feel embarrassed when your body stinks and you avoid getting closer to your friends. Generally the body odor or bad smell is due to the growth of odor causing bacteria. Because when a person perspires the growth of bacteria increases causing the […]

How to get rid of toothache?

Sometimes toothache is very painful, uncomfortable and can disturb your sleep at nights. There can be many reasons for the toothache. And the amount of toothache is mostly dependent on the cause of the toothache. Sometimes pain is so severe that the sufferer is ready to try anything to get rid of it. You must […]

How to get rid of white spots on your nails?

White spots on your nails are called “leukonychia” in medical language. They appear on your nails due to many reasons like fungal infections, trauma to nails, nutritional deficiencies like inadequate levels of zinc and calcium or skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. White spots also appear due to liver or kidney disease but this happens […]

How many muscles are in the human body?

Muscles form the muscular system which is the network of fibers and tissues and causes the movements of body. There is not an exact number for the muscles. It depends on the expert’s opinion, some are complex muscles in which a branch of muscle is also considered as separate muscle. There is also very slight […]

How the brain works?

Every living organism on earth has brain whether it is a bird, reptile, fishes, mammal etc. human brain is different from all the above and controls or instructs all the functions of our body. Like inhaling, exhaling, blood pressure, heart rate, metabolism etc. it collects the information from surrounding environment using five senses in the […]

How does the heart work?

Heart is one of the most important organs of our body. It acts as a pump for supplying oxygenated blood and nutrients to all parts of the body. It is cone-shaped and approximately similar to the size of human fist. Heart is located on the left of breastbone. It has three layers called endocardium which […]

How many bones are in the human body?

Bones are very important for our body which gives support and shape to our body. Imagine your body without bones it will be like a bag of flesh. Bones have the protective functions. They protect inner organs like brain is protected by the skull and lungs and heart are protected by rib cage. Bones also […]

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