Who invented Glow Stick?

Glow sticks are plastic tubes containing chemical substances that are isolated and that produce light due to a chemical reaction. There are several patents for glow sticks and the earliest ones dates back to June 1965 which lists Eugene Daniel Guth and Bernard Dubrow as inventors of glow stick. However the chemical substance that induces […]

Who invented Glasses?

Glasses are reading or seeing lenses mounted on suitable frames with stems worn over the nose in front of the eyes, the stems are placed over the ears so that they do not fall off. They are worn for eye protection as well as for correction of vision. Glasses were invented around the 11th and […]

Who invented the fountain pen?

Though the earliest records that talk about a reservoir pen dates back to the 10th century, the modern fountain pen with a replaceable ink cartridge as we know it was invented by Petrache Poenaru, a Romanian inventor. He received a patent issued by France in 1827. Petrache Poenaru completed his advanced studies in England and […]

Who invented Gasoline Tractor?

A vehicle used for various purposes such as hauling machinery or a trailer or used in construction or agricultural purposes to perform a number of functions is known as a tractor. John Froelich of Clayton County, Iowa, America invented the first gasoline powered tractor. After finishing his college he decided to develop a tractor powered […]

Who invented Eraser?

In 1770, a famous British scientist Joseph Priestly discovered a substance which he found was suitable for wiping the marks made by black lead pencil on paper. English engineer, Edward Nairne is also given the credit for inventing the first commercial rubber eraser in 1770. An eraser or rubber is a stationery item used for […]

Who invented file cabinet?

A file cabinet is a type of office furniture which is used for storing paper documents in file folders. In simple terms, it is an enclosure for storing documents. File cabinets are mainly available in two varieties; the vertical and the horizontal file cabinets. The vertical file cabinets are predominantly used today in the modern […]

Who invented flip flops?

Though traditional Japanese zori were in existence for centuries, the modern day flip flops were invented by Morris Yock in Auckland, New Zealand in the 1950s and it was patented in 1957. The traditional Japanese flip flops were popularized in America and New Zealand by servicemen returning from Japan in 1930s. Flip-flops are also known […]

Who invented Ferrari?

The name Ferrari is associated with the world famous racing car under the same name. Enzo Ferrari of Italy, born in Modena, was the founder and creator of the first Ferrari car in 1929. Enzo Ferrari worked for Alfa Romeo and headed the motor racing department there. He then left Alfa Romeo in 1939 and […]

Who invented the Gas Mask?

The gas mask is a device, when used protects the user from breathing in toxic gases and pollutants. The gas mask was invented by Garrett A. Morgan and patented in 1914, though there were others who had worked on these masks before this invention. Garrett’s gas mask was very much similar to the modern day […]

Who invented Golf?

Golf is an ancient ball game that makes use of different types of clubs in order to hit the balls into each hole at a golf course. Though the origins of this game is highly debatable with references being traced back to Roman empire and even Chinese empires, the modern game of golf originated in […]

Who invented Google?

Google needs no introduction. A popular search engine with a host of other applications, Google was invented by Sergey Bin and Larry Page in 1996. What started off as a research project by Larry and Sergey when they were pursuing their PhD at Stanford University, California went on to become one of the biggest internet […]

Who invented Holograms?

The concept of Holography was invented by a Hungarian-British scientist and engineer Dennis Gabor in 1947. He was awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics for this work in 1971. Born in Budapest in a Jewish family his name by birth was Gunszberg Denes. After working in the Hungarian army during World War I, he studied […]

Who invented electric Water Heater?

Edwin Ruud, a Norwegian mechanical engineer invented the electric water heater in 1889 that has now become an indispensible part of every household and certain commercial organizations and industries. He founded the Ruud Manufacturing Company where these devices were manufactured and sold. Ruud’s design had a large tank for storing hot water and a heat […]

Who invented Electric Guitar?

The first successful guitar that was electrically amplified was developed by George Delmetia Beauchamp in the year 1931 along with Paul Barth and Adolph Rickenbacker. Beauchamp had also invented other musical instruments and was one of the founders of National Stringed Instrument Corporation and Rickenbacker guitars. Born in Texas, in his earlier years he played […]

Who invented Earphones?

Earphones are an evolved form of headphones that was first invented by Nathaniel Baldwin in his kitchen and was supplied to the US Navy. Nathaniel Baldwin was born on December 1, 1878 in Millard County, Utah. Even when he was a child, he had a technical bend of mind and he went on to pursue […]

Who invented dynamite?

Dynamite was invented by Alfred Bernhard Nobel a Swedish chemist in 1867 and it went on to become one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind. Nobel was granted 355 different patents for his different inventions of which dynamite was the most famous. Alfred Nobel started experimenting with nitroglycerine in 1860s as […]

Who invented the DVD?

Who invented the DVD? DVD also known as Digital Video Disk was invented in 1995 and the invention is a group effort of companies the following companies namely; Sony, Philips, Toshiba and Time Warner. Many other company representatives have also contributed in different working groups to this invention. DVD is the successor of CD (Compact […]

Who invented the dustpan?

The first dustpan was invented by T.E. McNeill an American inventor in 1858 for which he was granted a United States patent. Lloyd P. Ray, an African American made improvements to the dustpan by the addition of a short wooden handle and a collection plate made of metal and this invention was patented in 1897. […]

Who invented Doppler radar?

Christian Andreas Doppler an Austrian physicist and mathematician had proposed the Doppler Effect in 1842. The Doppler Effect is a vital part of the Doppler radar system and thus the system was named after him. Doppler was born in Salzburg in Austria and studied mathematics and astronomy in Salzburg and Vienna at the age of […]

Who invented the dollar bill?

The dollar bill was first issued during the tenure of President Abraham Lincoln as a Legal Tender Note in 1862 and was designed by Salmon P. Chase, the Secretary of Treasury. This dollar bill had the portrait of Salmon P Chase. The materials that are used to manufacture a dollar bill are Crane brand of […]

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