What is Chickenpox?

If we are talking about some of the most contagious diseases in the world then we have to talk about chickenpox, which is highly contagious and can spread quickly through cough and sneezes of a person. Hence, a lot of precaution has to be taken while handling problems like chickenpox. This disease is spread by […]

How does alcohol affect the brain?

There are several damaging effects of alcohol that are seen both to the brain as well as the body. Heavy drinking can affect organs of the body such as the liver and cause great damage to the brain as well. Impaired thinking and slow reaction times are some of the immediate effects of damage to […]

How to deal with stress?

Most of the people in today’s life are going through stress or stressful conditions. It may be due to the high expectations, studies, family problems, financial crisis, etc. It can cause increase or loss of appetite, frustration, depression, sleeplessness, fatigue, etc. Here are some ways to deal with the stress. FIND THE CAUSE One of […]

What are the effects of high blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the pressure of blood inside the blood vessels, or we can say the push of blood against the walls of arteries. Heart beats pump the blood into arteries, and this time the blood pressure is highest in the body, it is known as systolic pressure. When the heart is at rest (gap […]

What causes diabetes?

Many people all over the world are suffering with diabetes. It is a metabolism disorder. The food we eat, after digestion is broken down into glucose and is used by our body cells for growth and energy. Insulin (a hormone produced by the pancreas) helps the glucose to enter the cells, or we can say […]

What are the effects of low cholesterol?

We always talk and hear about the effects of high cholesterol, but we hardly think and discuss about the low blood cholesterol levels. Recent studies and researches tell us that low cholesterol level can be very harmful as in the case of high cholesterol level. Our body needs “good cholesterol” to perform certain functions and […]

What causes asthma?

Asthma is a breathing problem. While breathing air enters our body through nose and mouth, then reaches to the wind pipe, to the tubes known as bronchi and finally to the lungs from where the oxygen present in the air is supplied to the body through the blood. Any disturbance caused in the bronchial tube […]

What are the effects of high cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that forms in the liver of our body. Actually, some amount of cholesterol is needed by our body for certain body functions but if the level increases it can cause many health problems. Studies have shown that in U.S out of every 10 adults, 2 are having the high cholesterol […]

How to lose weight without dieting?

Today everybody wants to look fit and smart. So for this they have to get rid off the extra fat in their bodies. Only dieting is not sufficient to reduce weight because when you eat less food your body naturally slows down the metabolic activities. Hence manage to get energy through less amount of food. […]

How much should i weigh?

Generally people think that the men and women who are neither overweight nor underweight are fit and healthy but this is not so. Health and fitness depend much more on your body composition and abdominal fat than on your body weight. Body composition means the percentage of your body weight that consists of fat. If […]

What causes pimples?

Most of the people face skin problems between the ages 12 to 25 and one of the most common problems is “pimples”. Very rare a new born baby can develop pimple between the age of three to twenty four months and also very few people between the ages of 25 to 40 continue to develop […]

How to stop coughing?

There are many reasons for cough like viral infection, allergies, excessive smoking, and exposure to dust, asthma, cold, chest infection etc. It is irritating both for you and the person sitting beside you. Moreover while coughing you cough out germs and can easily infect the other people around. It is the natural tendency of our […]

What are the effects of steroids?

A steroid is a synthetically produced version of male hormones, fat soluble compound, which increases body building activities. Athletes do intense physical work and they use 10 times more testosterone (male hormone) than a normal person. So to compensate with that or to improve their performance they use steroids. It constitutes different male hormones, especially […]

How to get of an itchy scalp?

There can be many different reasons for the itchy scalp but the most common reason for this problem is dandruff or dry scalp. Other reasons can be any deficiency, some extent of dehydration in your body etc. An itchy scalp is a very common problem but do not ignore it as it may lead to […]

How to get rid of sunburn?

Excessive exposure to the sun’s ultra violet rays, (the most powerful source of heat, light and energy known to us) can cause a red painful burn on the skin known as sunburn. Less exposure to sun cannot cause sunburn, it happens because of regular and excessive absorption of ultra violet rays by the skin. Less […]

How to get rid of dandruff?

Medically dandruff is also known as “pityriasis”. Everyone experiences the problem of dandruff many times in the life. Dandruff is the condition in which flakes of dead skin shed off the scalp at excessive rate. It is the tendency of our body to get rid of dead cells occasionally but flaking excessively is called dandruff. […]

How to get rid of scabies?

“Scabies” is a Latin word which means ‘itch’. It is a skin disease caused by direct contact with the people suffering from it or using their clothes, towels and linens. Earlier people thought that scabies only spread sexually, but that was a wrong belief. A mite named Sarcoptes Scabie triggers the disease by burrowing deep […]

What effects does smoking cigarettes have?

Smoking is basically an addiction to nicotine (an active ingredient in tobacco) which is more addictive than cocaine and heroine. This is one of the main reasons why people cannot quit smoking. Most of it stays in the lungs and rest goes to bloodstream and reaches the brain in nearly 10 seconds and disperses in […]

How to reduce your appetite?

There are many ways to reduce your appetite or we can say how to feel full on less food. Here are some simple and effective ways:- 1)Replace your plates and bowls with smaller ones because this will affect you psychologically that you are having a full plate of food but actually less food fits on […]

How anxiety effects the body?

The word “anxiety” has been taken from “Greek” which means “to constrict”, grab the sensation of tightness physically. We are living in the age of uncertainty, quick life and technology which leads us to anxiety, fear and depression. To get rid of these feelings people start taking drugs, alcohol etc. In scientific language anxiety is […]

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