How does a wall lizard get rid of its tail?

Many species of wall lizards can be found across the world and across continents such as North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. It has been estimated that over 25000 types of lizards have been found so far by the scientists. Almost all wall lizards have an extra ordinary ability to detach a part […]

How do we get afflicted from roundworms?

Roundworms are also known as nematodes and can affect both adults and children. These worms will usually live in the human intestines after they have come in contact with humans. Even pets can get affected by roundworms and even pass the same to the humans. Usually the larvae or the eggs of the roundworms are […]

How do mosquitoes find their target?

Mosquitoes need to suck blood in order to live. Female mosquitoes rely on heat sensors, visual and chemical sensors to find their prey. A combination of these senses helps the mosquitoes to get their nourishment. Chemical sensors The human body emits over 300 types of chemicals smell. The flying insects can identify these chemicals and […]

How do honeybees make honey?

Many of you may have seen honey combs hanging from trees or high ceilings in gardens, backyards or even homes. However, it is quite surprising that these industrious bees can create honey. Further, how do the bees make honey in the honeycomb? A honeybee starts the process of making honey as it sits on the […]

How do Parrot and Myna speak like us?

It is really very fascinating to see how birds such as parrots and myna can talk like human beings. These birds can imitate the voice of human beings. These birds can speak small words and very short sentences if they are taught and trained well. The reason behind the talking of the birds is mainly […]

How do pigeons return to the same place after long journeys?

Pigeons use several navigational tools for orientation and for taking their flight back home. However, this topic has been an interesting one and no one truly knows what specifically a bird uses. There are several hypotheses that try to conclude the question, but in reality, the ability of pigeons and other birds have puzzled scientists. […]

How do female mammals produce milk?

The production of milk by female mammals is termed as lactation. It involves milk production by the mammary glands present only in the female. The main purpose behind milk production is feeding the new born, thus providing it with nutrition and immunity. For human beings and similar mammals, mammary glands are present in the breasts. […]

How do Bot Flies affect a horse?

Bot flies, also known as Oestriday is similar to bees in their overall appearance. They are small and hairy flies, which lay their eggs on the body parts of a horse. They use the horse as a host for their larvae. The usual areas that these flies prefer to lay their eggs are the legs […]

How to get rid of silverfish?

Silverfish is not harmful for the humans but they may do harm to your things like books, clothes, food etc. Here are some ways to get rid of silverfish:- Proper sanitation is important as it prevents reinfestation. Silverfish are attracted towards moist places like sinks, bathroom, piles of leaves, laundry room etc. One way to […]

How to get rid of chiggers?

Chiggers are also known as harvest mites and red bugs. They are very small in size which makes them hard to see with naked eyes. People call them tiny lobsters. Chiggers live in damp and shady bushes, tall grass, weeds, fences, leaves, bark and dense foliage. Whenever you go for a walk in the woods […]

How to get rid of mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes come back in every summer and disturb you many times by humming around. Mosquito bites also cause itching and spread diseases like yellow fever, dengue, malaria, dog heart worm and west nile virus to humans and animals. Here are some ways by which you can repel and get rid of mosquitoes:- SCREENS Use screens […]

How to get rid of flies?

Flies in the house always irritate and disturb you when they buzz around, particularly if they are in large number. Moreover some of them can transmit disease causing microbes that can be harmful to our health and can cause diseases like cholera, tuberculosis, food poisoning, dysentery etc. so here are some of the ways by […]

How to get rid of fleas?

Fleas can be in your carpet, yard, bed and on your pets. Some people think that fleas are only on their pets but actually only 5 % of fleas are on your pets and the remaining 95% are in your yard and house. They are present in different stages of their cycle so to get […]

Why do fish have scales?

Many fishes have scales but clingfishes do not have. Their body has a layer which is called mucous. Scales on the fish body helps fish in some ways like:- Firstly it acts as a protective layer so that harmful objects, fungus, bacteria and parasites cannot enter the fish body Secondly they are present in overlapping […]

Why do cats bite their nails?

Some cats have the bad habit of biting their nails same as in the human beings. It is mainly because of anxiety, stress tension and conflict. Same can be the reason for the cat’s bad habit of biting nails. Cats do not chew their nails all the time they do it more or less continuously. […]

How to cut dog nails?

It is important to cut your dog nails and it is important too to know when to cut your dog’s nails. If you are not aware of the proper way of cutting the dog nails then it will cause crippling pain in the paws of your dog, can damage the nails forever and even lead […]

Why do dog lick on feet?

Mostly all the dogs lick on the feet. This is the way to tell that he loves you a lot. Licking feet is the most common and easiest way for the dogs to show their love and affection for you and they also expect your approval for this. It is his way of delivering the […]

Why do cats knead?

Normally all the cats knead when they feel contended and with their front paws start pushing the surface on which they are standing. Kneading always comes before a cat is trying to sleep and generally cats purr while kneading. It is very common among kittens and they do this when trying of feeding on the […]

Why do cats sneeze?

Coughing in cats is often because of hairballs whereas sneezing is because something is irritating the cat’s nose. Both coughing and sneezing in a cat shows that there might be some infection in the respiratory parts and need a vet for consultation. Veterinarian says that sneezing in cats is because of some problem in feline […]

Why do cats purr?

Purring is most commonly seen in the felids of all species, raccoon and other animals. We can say that it is a type of cat’s communication. It was believed that felis genus cats can only purr but it is not true all cats can purr like panthera genus (tiger, lion, jaguar and leopard) purr while […]

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